Sunday, August 30, 2009

Out of Commission for Awhile

Shortly after this visit to Owen's house (July 26th) I had surgery that has kept me from carving (and a lot of other things) for what is now over four weeks. I am still not completely healed but hope to start getting back to normal soon.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Woodcarving in Thailand??

Joe is always on the lookout for woodcarvers. He found this fellow in Thailand.

EASY RIDERS!!! "Joe, is that a Harley??"

What a beautiful location-northern Thailand

Joe has grown into a giant, or that is a really small banana.

A rainforest adventure!

My son Joe and his wife Amberley in India and Thailand

Joe and Amberley in a forest in the northern part of Thailand

Amberley sits on an elephant (come on, ride a real one Amberley)

Joe takes a cooking class in Thailand

Near the Himalaya mountains, India

Trip to Minnesota

Grandpa Chuck, Nephew Vaughn, Sister Karen (sometimes it is chilly in Minnesota)
A nostalgia journey back to the Mesabi State Junior College basketball gym.

Helping big brother Chuck, put in his boat lift (the water was not warm)

Golfing with Dad and brother Chuck (Gunflint Hills Golf Course, Grand Marais, MN)

Brother Chuck and Dad golfing in Grand Marais, Minnesota

Owen Comes For a Visit

Owen loves the big fish at Dardanelle Lake State Park

Owen loves for his Grandpa to kiss his head.

Owen loves to help "Gran" with the laundry

Owen loves ice cream!

There were some great fish carvings this year

Mermaid Fisherman won a blue in the rough out group.

Painted chip carved plate was a red ribbon winner in "Instructor Assisted" (Wayne Barton)

Carvings from the International Woodcarvers Congress 2009

Relief carving of Saul Bellow -
"The Love of Jesus Demonstrated"

The love of Santa

Uncle Sam on a bad oil habit

Monday, July 13, 2009

IWC 2009 People

Fred Cogelow of Wilmar, Minnesota, with his "Best of Show" carving

Mart Lind from Red Wing, Minnesota

James O'Neal, and Beth with the awesome gargoyle carving done in red oak.

Bruce Henn in the Fred Cogelow class.

IWC 2009 People at the Show

Fred demonstrates his secret carving techniques on Deb. Sandy watches closely.

Sandy quickly puts her new found knowledge to use

Don Mertz carves a mirror frame in a class taught by Charley Phillips.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's not the cover of "Rolling Stones" but not bad!

Chip Chats (Jan-Feb, 2008) the National Wood Carvers Association journal

This cover was a wonderful surprise as I had no idea until I got it in the mail.

This was my first carving to make a cover of a carving magazine.